Five die in landslide in Rio area, one month after disaster

March 21, 2022 GMT

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — A little over a month after landslides and flooding killed more than 200 people in a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, heavy rains have again fallen in the area, killing at least five people.

Four others are missing after the Sunday rains in Petropolis, according to the state fire department.

Residents had been mourning family members, neighbors and friends who died in the Feb. 15 landslide. On Monday, sirens blared to warn of the risk of new landslides in Petropolis. Many people left their homes to seek safety, while some preferred to stay behind despite the risk.

Since the February disaster, 13 locations around Rio, including schools, churches and gymnasiums, have been sheltering about 650 people who were left homeless. and lost their belongings in the mud.